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8 Healthy Shelf Stable Keto Friendly Snacks For The Office

I recently saw a blog post about “healthy snacks for your desk”. As someone who firmly believes in the health benefits of eating ketogenically, I was amused by the selection of “healthy” snacks. They listed things like instant oatmeal, granola bars…you now, things loaded with unhealthy carbs and sugars.

It’s not their fault. They just don’t know better. Heck, I used to eat Top Ramen for lunch! The USDA Food Pyramid is all messed up and makes all the wrong recommendations. Eating a high fat diet low in carbs, sugars and eliminating grains and starches…is the healthy option (in my ever so humble, educated opinion). In fact, more and more mainstream news outlets are beginning to share the actual facts and health benefits of eating keto.

I decided to make a list of healthy, keto snacks for the office. This blog is for helping my friends. Many of my friends work long hours in the office and some are on the road. All of them need ideas for quick, shelf stable keto friendly snacks. Your welcome. 🙂

Note: None of these are affiliate links. I just like this stuff.

  • Sogo meat snacks. I found these guys at KetoCon 2017. 100% grass fed beef in Original and Jalapeno flavors. Not all the flavors are keto friendly so be sure you choose the right ones. Look at the ingredients and choose the ones without added sugar. Jalapeno is my favorite. I literally have a bag full of these on hand at all times! They are a perfect keto snack to keep hunger at bay and give a boost of energy. Plus, it’s a family owned company! (I have even given them as part of Christmas gift food baskets.) Don’t use any old meat stick for your shelf stable keto snack – nearly every other meat stick I’ve found has sugar of some kind in it…and most don’t taste as good as these anyway!
  • Pili Nuts. I’m sure you can get Pili Nuts elsewhere, but this is the only place I’ve ever eaten them. They aren’t inexpensive, but they are -freakin’- delicious and so perfect as a shelf stable keto snack. They have a high fat content and taste like heaven. The company usually offers a discount, especially for first time customers. If you don’t see one, just email them and ask. The owner is a very nice guy. I also met him at KetoCon. *seeing a pattern here yet?*
  • Primal Kitchen has some keto friendly protein bars. I have to say, I didn’t find a flavor I personally like, but it’s an option for keto snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated or cooked and most have really high ratings. Review the ingredients to be sure the flavor you choose is keto friendly.

Side note here. You might be asking, what about Atkins or other low carb bars?

Nope, nope nope. While Atkins bars are low carb, they aren’t keto friendly. Most contain soy, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners and a bunch of unpronounceable ingredients. Why is this bad/not keto friendly? Check out this article from Ketovangelist for the details. I’m not the food scientist. 🙂

  • PackItGourmet has shelf stable cheese. What?! I haven’t tried these, but I am going to now that I know about it! Holy crap. I’m super excited about this. They have chipotle, white cheddar, Tomato & Basil Cheese, Jalapeno Jack and even more. Everything I see so far looks perfectly keto friendly. They are marketed toward back packers so they are great a snack size.
  • There are always general snacky snacks that are keto friendly but don’t necessarily have a lot of fat like black or green olives. They come in cute little snack packs now in the condiment section of most grocery stores. You could pair these with one of those cheese snacks and have a better macro balance.
  • Pickled eggs. It’s pretty simple to make pickled eggs and they are shelf stable for eternity. (don’t quote me on that, I just know my grandma kept a huge jar on the fridge for as long as I can remember. I’d eat one mashed up with mayo as an afterschool snack). You can make these at home and bring a small jar of them to work. No your conventional snack, but who cares what others think. It’s your health! If you have access to a fridge, you can pair these with some sugar free mayo for even better keto macros (higher fat content).
  • Regular pickles make a great keto friendly snack if you want to stick to more traditional options. Buy a small jar and keep them at your desk. They are great for electrolyte balance too!
  • Avocados – while they won’t last for weeks in the office, they don’t require refrigeration. Stock your desk with a small paring knife and your avocado makes a very tasty, very keto power snack. I just recently found out (quite by accident) that refrigerated avocados actually last for several days – even a week – without turning to a black mess of goo. At 42 I have no idea why I didn’t know that already…but when they first turn ripe, stick ‘em in the fridge and they’ll keep for days. So if you have a fridge at work, this is a way to extend the life of your snacky avocado.

Just remember, the more fat you can add to when you snack, the better.  Have more keto friendly snack suggestions? Share in the comments!

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  1. Hi 🙂

    Here’s the weird thing: I don’t feel the need for snacks anywhere near as much since I’ve been on Keto, which is since the start of the year.

    I used to be snacking nonstop at work, and unable to control my hunger. These days I really don’t feel hungry anywhere near as much, and am not in a rush to eat. I even seem to sense when I’ve had enough and am full – this is an entirely new experience for me! 🙂

    When I DO snack, I’m using those Atkins bars. Hmmm…I’ll check out that article you linked to.

    1. Hi Lee – I don’t feel snacky any more either. Isn’t is great? I watch my husband (he’s not on board with me though I don’t know why) now doing the munchie thing, back and forth to the kitchen eating high carb foods… and feel grateful that I don’t have that issue any more. Yesterday I didn’t eat until 9 p.m. (very small breakfast 12 hours previous). Mind you, I was hungry at that point, but I had a busy day and just wasn’t very hungry. I keep some snacks on hand as often as possible just so I’m ready with appropriate food in the event I get hungry. If I’m unusually hungry, it’s a sign I haven’t eaten enough fat. I would def. look at the article about Atkins bars. 🙂

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